UK & INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FUND - plus time bonuses and new team prize introduced

The ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon in Trafford would like to invite elite runners to take part free of charge. The course is a very flat course with only 54m of gain along the whole course giving you a fantastic opportunity to get a very fast time.

We would like to hear from runners who have achieved the following times in 2016/17, evidence will be required to gain free entry:

2016/17 Half Marathon under 1:09:00 for men & 1:19:00 for women

2016/17 Marathon time under 2:30:00 for men & under 2:50:00 for women

Please email us to enquire about gaining your elite entry place.

The course has been officially measured and we are hoping that it will produce some very fast times.

Presentation and prizes

To encourage more UK and Irish runners, we have made a top 5 prizes for UK and Ireland registered runners. All prize winners must show a valid UK passport to be eligible for a cash prize. Prizes for elites will be awarded on gun time. All other prizes will be awarded on chip time.
The presentations for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will take place at approximately 1.00pm in the Race Village.

Prizes are as follows for both male and female (top 5 placed runners will not be awarded age group prizes as well):
1st Prize £2000 cash
2nd Prize £1000 cash
3rd Prize £750 cash
4th Prize £300 cash
5th Prize £200 cash

We are also introducing at the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon for 2018 a top 3 International prize fund for both male and female category. The prizes are as followed: 

1st Prize £500 cash
2nd Prize £250 cash
3rd Prize £100 cash

Time Bonuses
To encourage the best UK based runners to come to run at the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon in Trafford, we are offering time bonuses. With such a fast course, we would love to see these bonuses claimed. To be eligible, runners must hold a valid UKor Irish passport.

MEN                            WOMEN                         
Under 2:20 (hh:mm)       Under 2:38 (hh:mm)    £500 for all who achieve this
Under 2:15 (hh:mm)        Under 2:32 (hh:mm)    £3000 only one bonus per gender
Under 2:10 (hh:mm)        Under 2:26 (hh:mm)    £10,000 only one bonus per gender
NB Time bonuses are not cumulative but are in addition to the cash prize fund.

Age group prizes of £100 worth of ASICS vouchers will be awarded as follows and posted out after the race (only 1 prize is available per person and these prizes will not be awarded if a runner has finished in top 10 overall):
Male                    Female
Vet 35                  Vet 35
Vet 40                  Vet 40
Vet 45                  Vet 45
Vet 50                  Vet 50
Vet 55                  Vet 55
Vet 60                  Vet 60
Vet 65                  Vet 65
Vet 70                  Vet 70

team prize

A team prize will be awarded to the top 3 male and female teams made up of the top 3 runners' cumulative times from a UKA affiliated club. Runners must have stated their club affiliation on the entry form before the race (retrospective nominations will not be accepted) and the runners' membership status will be checked with the club secretary before prizes are sent out.

Prizes will be awarded as follows for both male and female teams:
1st team - £600 per team
2nd team - £300 per team
3rd team - £150 per team

Please email us to enquire about gaining your elite entry place.

Race results

Results will be posted on www.greatermanchestermarathon.com within 24 hours of the end of the event.


We know that our course is one of the flattest in the UK (with only 54m of gain) and any runner can get a very fast time at the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon. Take a look at the elite field of atheletes that will be running on April 8th. 





First Name Surname Gender Qualifying time
Julie Briscoe F 02:39
Katie White F 02:42
Stuart Sharp M 02:30
Sean Hehir M 02:16
Mark Dunham M 02:28
Ben Johnson M 02:22
Shona McIntosh F 02:47
Scott Harrington M 02:28
Gregory Roberts M 02:24
Gemma Connolly F 02:46
Mark Ryan M 01:08
Dani Nimmock F 02:48
Alison Rowatt F 02:45
Patrick Martin M 02:22
Thomas Stevens M 02:27
Megan Crawford F 02:40
Tom Charles M 02:23:55
Matt Rees M 02:29
Andrew Grant M 1:55 20mile
Andreas Mcconville M 02:27:31
Julia Davis F 02:39
Holly Rush F 02:37
Alun Myers M 02:29:16
Gareth Lowe M 02:27
Mark Rushbrook M 02:28:59
Jane Ann Meehan F 02:50
Tom Payn M 02:26
Shona Crombie-Hicks F N/A Previous winner
Craig Palmer M 02:30:46
Rob Pope M 02:27:15
Gareth Raven M 02:24
Joel Jameson M 02:30