PACE YOUR RACE is the popular free service offered by ASICS at its top running events!

Based on your desired end time for the race, we calculate the split times that you need to run to achieve your time and provide you with a wrist band that you wear throughout your race.

As all watches and gadgets can suddenly fail to work, our simple wrist band will stay with you throughout rain and sweat. 

In addition you will also receive a printable PDF of the course map matched up with your race time so friends and family know where & when to cheer for you.

You will be able to collect your wristbands at the ASICS booth at FIRST STREET, M15 4FN on Saturday 1st April 9am-4pm and Sunday 2nd April 06:30am- 08:30am outside Trafford Town Hall, M32 0TH.

To pre-register please click here